The Fast Track - To Aboriginal Employment Fundamentals

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What is The Fast Track?

The Fast Track is a 3 month coaching and implementation program to help employers build a workplace that respects, welcomes and supports Aboriginal people, with the fundamental structures and systems to make the most of your investment in finding Aboriginal staff.

Whether you’re planning to develop your own attraction strategies or use employment services or external recruiters, without the fundamentals in place, you’ll struggle to build the relationships you need to get Aboriginal applicants or retain your Aboriginal staff. Protect your investment by getting the fundamentals of Aboriginal employment in place.

With The Fast Track, you can:

  • Create an organisation-wide understanding of how Aboriginal employment contributes to your business

  • Build a workplace that respects, welcomes and supports Aboriginal people 

  • Reach your Aboriginal employment goals of a workplace that represents your most relevant Aboriginal communities

  • Establish the fundamental measurement and reporting systems to track your success

  • Learn how to work with employment services to need your needs

The Fast Track is designed to build your organisation's capability in designing and implementing Aboriginal employment programs from human resources and marketing perspectives.

I use my Aboriginal employment experience over 20 years, and you bring knowledge of your staff, clients, workplace, and community. I take you through the fundamentals of what works, models and frameworks you can apply, questions you need to ask, and together we make it work for you. This is an implementation program, not an education or training course. I’ll be your safe pair of hands to guide you through implementing Aboriginal employment throughout The Fast Track.

Who is it for?

The Fast Track is for savvy employers who understand that Aboriginal employment contributes to their local communities and their business. If you are committed to Closing the Gap, Reconciliation and building a strong Aboriginal workforce, do it with a specialist and get it right. It’s for employers who want to get the fundamentals right, right now, to make the most of their Aboriginal employment efforts.

CLIENT STORY - Adssi homeliving AUstralia

Hear about adssi's experience with The Fast Track

The Projects

During The Fast Track, you’ll work on implementing a number of projects. These projects will set you up to make the most of your Aboriginal employment efforts and initiatives. Here’s just a few of the projects you’ll complete over the program:

  1. Find your current Aboriginal staff, so you can get valuable feedback about your workplace and establish a baseline for your goals

  2. Develop an easy-to-understand language guide so everyone is clear on what language is acceptable

  3. Put in place a system to measure the efficacy of your attraction strategies, selection process, and workplace

  4. Put in place a Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country protocol/procedure so you can ensure they are being delivered in the right way and at the right times

  5. Learn how to make the most of recruiters and employment services providers to serve your Aboriginal employment goals

  6. Plus more…

Want to know more?

If you want to learn more about The Fast Track and if I can help you with your Aboriginal employment goals, here’s how it works:

  1. Book in for an Aboriginal Employment Discovery Call by clicking the button below - this will let you book straight into my calendar for a quick (10 minute) phone call with me.

  2. I'll call you at the allocated time and ask a few questions to get clear on where you are right now with Aboriginal employment, what you want to achieve, and what you think is missing. The idea is to find out if we're a fit - that is, if I can help you.

  3. If it's not a good fit, I'll be upfront and let you know right away.  We’ll part as friends and I'll do my best to point you to the right place to get help with your next step in making Aboriginal employment work.

  4. If I think The Fast Track could help you, then we'll organise a longer call to go through how I can help, and outline everything you need to know about how it will work.

  5. There is absolutely no obligation.

Book an Aboriginal Employment Discovery Call now to see if I can help you with Aboriginal employment.