Fast Track

Aboriginal Employment Foundations

Do you

  • Find it hard to find good Aboriginal staff?
  • Find it even harder to keep your best Aboriginal staff?
  • Struggle to get supervisors and managers involved?
  • Know how important it is to get it right?

Do you want

  • The right Aboriginal applicants for jobs?
  • Supervisors and work areas wanting to be involved?
  • A good reputation in Aboriginal communities?
  • External recognition for your success?
  • A workforce representative of the community you serve?

If you answered yes to any of these, you're not alone.

This is why I developed The Fast Track.  The Fast Track will get the basic policies, systems, structures and relationships you must have to start achieving your Aboriginal employment goals.  The foundations of Aboriginal employment in 3 months.  It puts you on the right track to build your organisation's capability to deliver Aboriginal employment outcomes that benefit our communities and the employers.

What is it?

Specialist coaching to support and guide your Indigenous employment initiatives so you can maximise your achievements quickly.  I've taken my Indigenous Employment Health Check, and I've stripped it back so the basics can be delivered over 3 months.  This way you get the help you need to implement the policies, systems and structures, and start to build the relationships you need to make Indigenous employment work.

Who is it for?

Firstly, The Fast Track is not for every employer in every situation.  It takes commitment and focus to build the basics in just 3 months.  For many employers the same thing might take 12 months or more, particularly if they do it by trial and error.  The Fast Track is for employers who want to build an Indigenous employment plan that contributes to their local communities and their business.  If you are committed to Closing the Gap, and building a strong Indigenous workforce, and do it fast, this may be for you.

What’s next?

I don’t want to waste anyone’s time or money, so we need to make sure The Fast Track is the right thing for you right now.  That’s why I have a process that will help us work out if the program is for you.  Click the button below to let me know you are interested in getting started, and I'll send you the details so we can talk.

CLient Story

Here's a story of Adssi Home Living Australia's experience with the Fast Track.