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Looking to improve Aboriginal employment?

Do you want to build a workplace that respects, welcomes and supports Aboriginal people?

Great. You're in the right place to learn how you can make Indigenous employment work.

I help employers who are struggling to find and keep Aboriginal staff to develop strategies, build structures and systems to make Aboriginal employment work.

I help employers:

  • build a workplace that respects, welcomes and supports Aboriginal people

  • get the fundamentals of Aboriginal employment in place so they can achieve their goals of a workforce representative of the community

  • develop effective long term Aboriginal employment strategies so they can grow their Aboriginal staff cohort

  • find meaningful ways to contribute to Aboriginal communities in line with their purpose

I want to help more employers to be proactive about Aboriginal employment in their workplaces. I want every Australian workplace to have a workforce representative of the community.

About Me

Lindsay Stanford, Founder and Principal

Lindsay Stanford, Founder and Principal

My name is Lindsay Stanford, and I'm a proud Gamilaraay woman.  I'm also the founder and Principal Consultant of Blakworks Employment Solutions.  I started Blakworks in 2008 to help Australian employers make Indigenous employment work by improving their understanding of Aboriginal employment, and building better workplaces to support Indigenous employment efforts.

I have been helping employers and employment service providers with Aboriginal employment for more than 20 years.  I have worked for small, medium and large employers, employment service providers, and boutique Indigenous employment consultancies across NSW and the ACT.

I believe there is a way for employers to make Aboriginal employment work.  I know that employers want to do better, and need to do better, in providing opportunities for Aboriginal people to have success in their workplaces.  And just as importantly, I believe they can do better.  With a little help and guidance, employers and employment service providers can make Indigenous employment work for everyone.

I am passionate about Aboriginal employment and believe that it is about much more than creating and filling jobs.  It involves changing attitudes and creating work environments where Indigenous people feel welcomed, supported and respected.  I love supporting businesses that want to make a contribution to Indigenous employment and helping find the strategies that will work for them.

make Indigenous employment work

More than 650 organisations have developed Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) since 2006, according to Reconciliation Australia's website. Many more are implementing Aboriginal employment plans, Indigenous action plans, and Aboriginal engagement strategies. Whatever you call them, more and more employers are trying to employ more Aboriginal staff, improve service delivery to Aboriginal communities, and use more Aboriginal businesses. These employers know that culturally inclusive practices and behaviours promote empathy and cohesiveness, which are traits of a great organisation. 

It's clear that Australian businesses want to see Aboriginal people share the same benefits and opportunities as other Australians.  It is not always easy, and sometimes you might feel like your best efforts go to waste.  But knowing why the problem exists, where you may be going wrong, and what you can do better next time will help.  That's where Blakworks comes in.

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Here’s some Resources that will help get you on the right track with Aboriginal employment…

Central Coast Indigenous Jobs Market

Proud GOLD Sponsor of the Central Coast Indigenous Jobs Market 2016 and 2017

Blakworks Employment Solutions is continuing to support the CC Indigenous Jobs Market as a primary organiser and member of the Executive Committee.  I'm looking forward to this year's event on Tuesday 4 July at The Entertainment Grounds (Gosford Racecourse).