Services for Employment Service Providers

Do you want to engage your Aboriginal job seekers more effectively?

Indigenous job seekers may be reluctant to engage in your services for historical and cultural reasons. This can limit the success you can have with Indigenous employment outcomes.  Blakworks Employment Solutions can help you work with your job seekers.

Do you want to maximise your Indigenous employment outcomes?

Blakworks understands employment services.  I've worked in employment services.  I know what it's like to have large caseloads and limited time.  I know about KPIs, contract performance, placements, outcomes, post-placement support...  I know about barriers to employment: mental health issues, transport, literacy and numeracy, parenting responsibilities, and practically everything else.  I also know what you can do to have a positive impact on your performance.  Ilove helping people improve their attendance, conversion, and retention rates for Indigenous job seekers.

Do you want to make Indigenous employment work in your business?

We also know where you can make the biggest impact quickly, and we can help you do it.

Let us help you and your staff make Indigenous employment work.

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Engagement Coaching

If you want to improve engagement with your Indigenous job seekers try my Engagement coaching for job active employment consultants.
Do you want to maximise your Indigenous outcomes this contract? Improve your effectiveness with Aboriginal people and communities to improve engagement and outcomes. Read more...