When should we do a Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Land?

So, when do you need to do an Acknowledgement of Land?  Every morning when you roll out of bed?  Every coffee meeting with colleagues?  Sounds pretty arduous...  I mean, don't let me stop you doing it at these times, but it's not really necessary.  Here's a few things to think about...

Your employer may have a policy on when an Acknowledgement of Land or Welcome to Country needs to be given.  It's worth asking your human resources department or your manager if you have a policy and what it says.  The policy should set out clear expectations for when an Acknowledgement or Welcome should be given, and what you should say.

Some organisations give one at each team meeting, some only at public events.  Ultimately it is up to you or your organisation which events you have an Acknowledgement or Welcome performed.  It is becoming increasingly popular and expected that organisations recognise Traditional Custodians at public and inter-agency events.

If your workplace doesn't have a policy, here's a few suggestions.  An Acknowledgement or Welcome is often given at:
    •    Official launches
    •    Conferences
    •    Department or team meetings (weekly or monthly)
    •    Forums & symposiums
    •    Hosting an event where people were issued invitations
    •    Hosting an event when attendees are provided with an agenda

What do you think?  When does your workplace have Acknowledgements or Welcomes done?  Leave your comments or suggestions below.

If you want to learn more you can download my Quick Workplace Guide to Welcomes to Country and Acknowledgements of Country by clicking here.